Whether you need help with full stack development, web scraping, data analysis, trading automation, or data visualization, I am here to help.

Explore the services below to learn more about what I have to offer:

Full Stack Development

Bring your ideas to life with my expert full stack development services. I offer end-to-end solutions for web development, with a focus on data integration/visualization, API development, and design.

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Web Scraping

Unlock the power of the web with my expert web scraping services. I offer end-to-end solutions for web scraping, so you can easily gather the data you need for your projects and store it in the format that works best for you.

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Data Science

Get deeper insights into your data with my expert data analysis services. I offer a range of data analysis services, from data cleaning and preprocessing to advanced statistical analysis.

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Trading Automation

Streamline your trading strategies with my expert trading automation services. I can help you automate your trades based on alerts fired on TradingView using Python.

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Data Visualization

Bring your data to life with my expert data visualization services. I can help you create meaningful visualizations that effectively communicate your insights.

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Pine script development

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced person to help you with your Pine Script development needs? Look no further! I am dedicated to providing top-quality Pine Script development services for your trading needs.

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